Find out how to access your new e-Banking.


CCB Brazil is fully committed to the security of its customers. For this reason, we invest in state-of-the-art security systems in order to protect access to your information and transactions made through this channel.

For your security, please follow the recommendations below:


About the Token

The token is a safety key intended to protect your transactions. It will be requested by CCB Brazil’s e-Banking for confirmation of your electronic transactions.

The physical token is an electronic device that is automatically delivered to you by your account manager, or you may pick it up at your branch, against a receipt.

The virtual token is an application that you will download from one of the major virtual stores installed in your cell phone, such as Apple and Amazon.

  1. Access one of the virtual stores according to your cell phone's operating system (iOS or Android).
  2. Search for CCB Brazil’s application and download it to your cell phone.

  1. Open CCB Brazil’s application in your cell phone and click on the central button.
  2. Click on <activate token>.
  3. Access e-Banking and click on the menu <Other Services> <Activate Token>.
  4. Point your cell phone camera at the QR-CODE shown in the e-Banking page.
  5. Your will receive a message confirming that your virtual token has been activated.

  1. Access the e-Banking and click on the menu <Other Services> <Activate Token>.
  2. Confirm the 4 (four) last serial numbers of your token, located on the back part of your token device. The system will display the final number of the token (four characters).
  3. Click on the button <Confirm>.
  4. Type in your new electronic signature, on the numeric virtual keyboard.
  5. Inform the two PIN serial numbers, generated by your token, as follows:
    5.1 Press the button of your token to generate a serial number. Type in the number generated on the field PIN 1.
    5.2 Wait until the display of the token turns off and press the button of the token once again, to generate a new serial number. Type in the number generated on the field PIN 2.
  6. You will receive the message “Your token was activated with success”.

Please call the Corporate and Personal Customers Service Center – Accountholders immediately and cancel your token.

Yes. To do so, please contact your business manager, or go to a CCB Brazil branch to request the change.