Find out how to access your new e-Banking.


CCB Brazil's e-Banking offers several services to facilitate your daily life. They are as follows:

Checking Account

  • BALANCES (available and blocked).
  • ACCOUNT STATEMENTS (by period, current month and consolidated).
  • IBAN [International Bank Account Number] code.


  • Payment of bank tickets (bills: clearance receipts of CCB Brazil and other banks, credit card).
  • Scheduling of transactions.
  • Inquiries about payments made through CCB Brazil’s e-Banking.
  • Issue of vouchers.
  • DDA electronic notes.


  • DOCs [Credit Order Documents]/TEDs [Available Electronic Transfers] to other banks.
  • Transfers between CCB Brazil accounts.
  • Scheduling of transactions.
  • Inquiries on transfers.
  • Issue of vouchers.
  • Registration of beneficiaries.
  • Limits.


  • Inquiries on current agreements.


  • Inquiries on investment positions.

Other Services

  • Change of password.
  • Change of electronic signature.
  • Activation of token.
  • Digital signature.
  • Customization.

FX Portal

You can manage your Foreign Trade portfolio using the following services:

  • Inquiries: Portfolio of Outstanding Transactions.
  • Inquiries: Spot Exchange.
  • Inquiries: FC maturity flows.
  • Inquiries: Printing of contracts.
  • Inquiries: Notices.
  • Inquiries: SWIFT messages.
  • Download of Documents.
  • Remittance letter.
  • FX Online

Digital Signature

You can use your digital signature for FX agreements.